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Above and Beyond

Posted by Jolly on January 23, 2013


Here's another video forwarded by Sieg.  The video is called "Above and Beyond, The birth of the Israeli Air Force."  I've never had the pleasure of flying with anyone from the Israeli Air Force, but I have the utmost respect for them and the way they fly jets.  Any Air Force that places flying skills above queep, and selects the best stick in the squadron as the squadron CO has got it's priorities in order.

If you can't see the video, try putting the password "iaf" in.  If that won't work, go to, and put the password "iaf" in.

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Posted by Jolly on
From Hawk:

What a FANTASTIC piece of history; the players in which have heretofore been missing from public view! There was an old B-&-W movie back in the 1950s that I remember seeing as a youngster that focused on the ground war aspect of all this. Regret I cannot remember the name of the main character-actor, but I can see his face in my mind's eye, and would recognize the name to be sure. As for me, I have never seen anything like this about these American volunteers who assembled that rag-tag "Air Force" in Israel, and I am delighted to have this: Thanks.

For the "Record": The Israelis sent two pilots to Our "Navy Fighter Weapons School" (aka) TOPGUN, as students in Nov '77. The pilots were Major Zeev Raaz and LT Yove Doffe. At the time, their stated intent was to establish a similar "Squadron" back in Israel, and, as we understood "The Plan"; Zeev was on track to be the first "CO" of that outfit. They flew US Navy Phantoms with Navy RIOs as aircrew, and went thru the regular seven week course as it was designed in those days. They did very well and we all learned some interesting things. As it turned out, Israel did not establish a unique "Fighter Weapons School", but Zeev went on to become the CO of their first F-16 squadron. He sent me an autographed picture of him flying over Haifa in 1980. What a good bunch their fighter guys are.

Thanks for passing this along John. I will keep it moving.
My Best as always;

Posted by Jolly on
From Nancy Spielberg:

Hi John,
Very impressive website and, even though I have asked everyone else not to put it on their websites, I sorta like it on yours!!
I am so thrilled that you and other pilots are interested in this story- I am so awed by the job...task...duty.. that fighter pilots take upon themselves to protect us and I feel humbled and honored to be doing this movie.

We hope to have it completed in 2014 and I will keep you on our email list and send you updates.
Thanks so much for sharing this.
Posted by Ltfuzz on
I sincerely hope that we will get to see the finished work. The "trailer" was great!
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