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F-14 Tomcat Baby

Posted by Jolly on January 18, 2013


Hawk forwarded this video.  He was one of the first F-14 drivers on it's initial OPEVAL in 1972, and was also skipper of VF-213 (79-80).   He really hated to see the Tomcat destroyed in 2006.  Hawk feels it was still the Navy's most capable fighter and long range strike asset.  

After the "Goodbye" tail waggles, there are some good shots in there, supersonic passes by the boat and so forth; all to music.

Thanks to Hawk for forwarding this video.  Hawk -- there's no such thing as "too much Tomcat stuff" at Fighter Pilot University!  Check six brother.

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Posted by tramp307 on
The fact that my Tomcats are gone is not the worst of the crimes against the US. Now I see Tomcats showing up in air forces around the world with stories about the reworked avionics and blaa blaa and I'm wondering "WTF"???? The Tomcat was ours! as a kid, after I saw a Tomcat fly overhead it took my mom the rest of the day to calm me down from the spastic jubilation and non stop chattering about 14's and capabilities and and and .........
Lets face it folks, we've been duped into thinking these are better times. Anyone see a problem with that?
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