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Kickass A-7

Posted by Jolly on January 4, 2012

US Navy A-7E Corsair II

Here's a very kickass video on the A-7


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Posted by Jolly on
This came in from Skip:

Hey, Buddy-
Thanks for the continuous feeds!!!
Have you seen this’n? Be interesting to see how much stuff it can carry and how long it’s legs are, huh?
Happy NY-
Phantomdriver (“Skip”, formerly of the IDANG 190th Tac Recce Sq, Boise)
PS, just joined up a bit ago, and love it!!!…

Hey, Buddy-
Phantomdriver again!
Just ran into this very interesting report on Stephen Hawking’s recent sex life (the Hell you say; don’t deny it; you and I both know what you were thinking!!!). Anyways, check this out. If it weren’t for the part about him getting a little stiffie over the Communist Traitor Bitch, I would think he could cruise into some kind of award for his performances, don’t you??? Gawd, , I mean Heaven forbid any of us ever winding up in his condition, but if we did, wouldn’t it be cool if we could still get off, and then find some gal to help us??? OMG! Yep, I’ve been scared of waking up and finding her arm there more than once, but this adds a new dimension!! God Bless Him!!!
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