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Satan's Angels - 1966

Posted by Jolly on March 2, 2012

Cool photo from Joe Lee

 Fighter Pilots gather at O-Club in Ubon, Thailand 1966

Ubon, Thailand 1966
433rd TFS Satan's Angels

Best I can do on names . . . .

Capt Bob Hutten, Capt Chuck Kahl (profile moustache), Lt Jim Cizek (moustache), Lt John Borling (foreground wine glass), Maj LD Parriot (top above Borling), Lt Steve Leisge (below LD), Capt Benny BC Wallace (dark shirt), LC Bob Crouch SqCC (flt jacket), Lt Frank Ralston on Elmer (teak Elephant), Maj John Landis, Lt John Spencer (leaning in), Lt Jessie Ozbolt.


Son of Satan's Angels

By Dick Jonas


 I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D,

All the way from the Hanoi Railroad Bridge to the DMZ.

I'm one of old Hoot Gibson's boys, and mean as I can be.

I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D.


There ain't a triple, a gunner up there

That's anywhere near my class.

'Cause I'm as mad as I can be

And I'm in for one more pass.

He hosed me down one time too much

And that one is his last,

And I looked back at where he was

Hey, man, ain't that a gas.



Hello, Hanoi Hannah,

Send your MIGs to meet their doom.

Flying 'em up and blast 'em off

Hoot's boys will be there soon.

I don't care if you are the gal

With a mouthful of silver spoons,

'Cause I've got sidewinders on board

That'll home on an AB plume. 


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Posted by JoeLeeBurns on
2 Updates/Corrections to names: correct spelling to Capt Bob Hutten, Replace ?Maj Frank Fischer? with Maj John Landis.
I think it was more fun on the ground in Thailand (25 cent Crown Royal) than it is anywhere in the Sand Box ($1.50 bottled water).
Posted by Jolly on
From Duck:

Thx Jolly…

I was actually a “Satan’s Angel” for about 3 months when I went through Fighter Lead in Training at Holloman AFB Jan 84-Mar 84.
They had a big plaque w/the “Satan dude” on the wall and the words to the first verse engraved in the plaque.

Brings back some great memories!

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