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Posted by admin on January 11, 2008

Fighter Pilot University Alumni Department is up and running.  You got a picture, story, patch, deactivated squadron history we'll put it here.  You got a reunion, looking for an old squadron mate or somebody to drink with we'll put it here.  You got just about anything from the fighter pilot past, we'll put it here. 

SEND US YOUR SHIT!!  (Our web site guru tells us that all caps means shouting.)

Kickass stuff from Woody!!

Had to pass along some pics.  Pics which obviously epitomize what being a fighter pilot is all about. Breaking the rules and getting the job done.  First one is me joining up on an A-6 tanker off the coast of Beirut in June of 1985 (TWA Hijack crisis in Lebanon).  Of course taking your mask off was considered taboo so taking off the helmet and wearing a raghead just for photo's sake was obviously worth the risk by the fighter pilot since the reward was a life long photo to show the bro's!!!

The second is one of me tackling the challenge of hitting a flight test weapon separation end point in the Hornet.  The end point in the photo is a min interval separation release of 9 Mk-83's at the end of the Hornet's release envelope (1.3 Mach, 635 KIAS, -60 deg dive angle).   Data at release was 1.31 Mach, 637 kts, and 61 degree dive angle.   The challenging part is to make the Mach end point and the q end point (635 Kts) occur simultaneously.  If you look closely you will see the Hornet configured with 18 high-speed cameras (400 frames per second) and little cg markings all over the jet and the bombs.  This was done for photometric analysis using 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) to ensure bomb to bomb and bomb to aircraft collisions did not occur.


Posted by borg on
2 knots off and 1 degree steep.... guess the old guys just don't care about parameters. Kickass stuff Woody; keep it coming.
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