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Fighter Pilots Are Universally Loved

Posted by aaron on July 21, 2009

You may not agree with the stated issues in this video. You may scoff at the claims made here. But, what you have to agree with is what we’ve maintained from the very beginning of this web site; no matter where you go in the world, people admire, people are awestruck, people revere fighter pilots. It’s a universal reality. Women love them, men respect them, children aspire to be fighter pilots.
Here’s an Iraqi individual that champions the fighter pilots of his country. Whether or not his claims are fact, his admiration and appreciation is very real. Just another example of the worldwide respect and gratitude that common men and women have  for fighter pilots.  It's just a fact; people love fighter pilots.
One question though. Starting around the 3 minute point of the video, why are all those guys wearing head bands over their eyes? Very strange.
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Thanks Nut for sending us the video.


Posted by Dave on
Nice video, but I doubt any of them are still alive because they came up against the best. The Unites States Air Force!!!!
Posted by OdnodMcDondo on
Almost every one of them had a big ass moustache. Why?
Posted by thecanadianone on
you think so?
how about having been r*****by a Tomcat crew in Wet Germany while quietly walking the dog on an early morning?
Posted by Sandy on
This is very intriguing to see and well done Rowdy. It is an eye opener and haunting music. PS Glad Nut sent you the video
Posted by McGraw on
Awesome video Rowdy. The bandana over the eyes is questionable; really, secrecy still? Cheers!
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