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Fighter Squadron Patch Evolution 4

Posted by aaron on June 23, 2009

Here's another case of mandated fighter squadron patch evolution. Currently the 510th Fighter Squadron, who's patch is on the right, flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon at Aviano Air Base, Italy. When the squadron designation moved to Aviano the patch design changed to a circle and single rocker. You can see the original shield design on the left, from the squadron's A-10 and F-4 days. The good thing, in spite of the change, is that the basic concept of the patch has remained the same, a buzzard overlooking nuclear radiation of the entire world. Pretty catchy idea.

510th TFS RAF Bentwaters, UK510th FS Aviano AB, Italy

The new, circular patch looks OK but now there's a lot of empty space on the patch especially on the black side.. The unique shape of the old, shield patch adds quite a bit to making a fighter squadron patch kickass. I have no idea where that original shield shape comes from but I'd imagine it has something to do with a warriors shield which is most appropriate for fighter pilots.

Well, you decide for yourself which you like; old or new, and in this case, as in most, my vote goes to the old.

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