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Fighter Squadron Patch Evolution 5

Posted by aaron on July 9, 2009

Sometimes when fighter squadron patches evolve, the patch can actually get better. Case in point, 390th Fighter Squadron at Mt. Home AFB, Idaho, the Wild Boars. They fly the F-15 Eagle. Here's their current patch on the right, kickass! On the left is the patch the squadron wore during its Da Nang days flying the F-4 Phantom II in Vietnam. Also, kickass. Fighter squadron patch evolution didn't harm the original concept or kickassness. They both portray a visious wild boar that would very happily rip you to shreads. A lot of years between both patches but still, both designs kickass, as we expect the squadron, as a whole, does too.

390th TFS DaNang 390th FS Mt Home AFB, Idaho

Thanks Mick for sending us the Da Nang era patch.


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390th TFS390th FS



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