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Flying Fiend 100 Year Anniversary

Posted by Jolly on July 12, 2016


Got the following from Astro this morning.  The Fiends are planning a 100 year Anniversary/Reunion at Osan AB, ROK some time in June 2017 (more to follow).  You can follow reunion details on FB at  You can also donate to the reunion fund at   I will edit below links to our store with Fiend garb from the F-86, F-4, and F-16.  Maybe we can get a Piano fire going and sing some old school fighter pilot songs!


Fellow Fiends, 

I am writing this email to you because the Fabulous Flying Fiends are hitting the merge with 100 years of military aviation history! The Fiend Heritage Foundation is currently laying the ground work for a 3.6 day celebration at Osan AB, Republic of Korea. The anniversary celebration is tentatively scheduled for the June & July time frame of 2017.

Over the next 3.6 months, my goal is to establish contact with every living Fiend. We only have one opportunity to celebrate the 36th Fighter Squadron's 100th Year Anniversary and the Fiends intend to celebrate our rich history with a bang.  While more details will follow, expect 3.6 days of festivities to include a golf tournament, formal banquet, Fiend Show of Colors, piano burn, "tour" of Songtan, incentive flights with the Aero Club, and much much more... I don't want to let the proverbial cat out of the bag too early, but trust that the Fiends will not fail to impress. 
As we approach the event, expect more details concerning the date, time, festivities, planned shenanigans, etc. In the mean time, you can stay up to date with the Fiend 100 Year Anniversary by following our group on Facebook. You can find the group here: 

 Also, be sure to checkout our fundraising campaign online! All donations will be put toward bringing the Fiend Centennial to life! 
 If you respond with a mailing address, I will also make sure to send a formal invitation to your home. Also, feel free to respond with any photos or stories of your time with the Fiends. 

Stretch put it best when he said, "The men and women of the 36th Fighter Squadron are inspired by the squadron's long and illustrious past. "Flying Fiends" have engaged our country's foes in the skies of France during World War 1, across the Pacific in World War 2, up and down the Korean Peninsula during the Korean conflict, and "Downtown" in Route Pack Six of the Vietnam War. Today we are poised to seize control of the sky over an aggressor's homeland and destroy his capability to wage war, if he dares..." - Lt Col Schwetke (87-90')

As a Flying Fiend, each of you are part of our squadron's "long and illustrious" past. Simply put, The Fiend 100 Year Anniversary will not be the same without you!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Until then...

Check Six!



The Flying Fiends have been around since 1917.  When I was flying out of Da GU in the early 80's, the Fiends and the Hooters made up the 51st Tactical Fighter Wing.  The Fiends were based at Osan with the Wing HQ and the Hooters were a detached unit south at Taegu.  I found this You Tube video on the Fiends when they were in Korea the first time in the 50s as the 36th Fighter Bomber Squadron.  Here's a little history on the squadron's lineage: 

36fs.gifThe Flying Fiends came into existence when a group of aviation pioneers, eager to prove the value of air power inWorld War I, formed the 36th Aero Squadron at Kelly Field, Texas, in June 1917. First Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt, the son of President Theodore Roosevelt, was one of the squadron's first commanders, assuming command later that year. While the new squadron did not see combat as a unit when it moved toFrance, several of its members did while flying for other squadrons.

After World War I, the 36th was inactivated, only to be resurrected in October 1930 at Selfridge Field,Michigan, to train pilots and develop new air tactics. In 1932, the 36th relocated to Langley Field, Virginia, as part of the 8th Pursuit Group. While assigned to the 8th, the 36th flew airmail for the U.S. Postal Service, flying in all types of weather without instruments. During World War II, the squadron flew P-40 Warhawk, P-39 Airacobra, P-47 Thunderbolt, and P-38 Lightning fighters in a number of Pacific Theater campaigns. These included the defense of New Guinea and the battle for the Philippines. They moved to Fukuska,Japan at the end of the War.

fiends1.jpgWhen the communist forces attacked the Republic of Korea in June 1950, the 36th found itself in the fight from the beginning of the conflict. Flying F-80 Shooting Stars, the squadron attacked advancing North Korean tanks, trucks, artillery, and troops. The unit later converted back to the piston-fiendsfbs.jpgengined F-51 Mustang, considered more suitable for operations in Korea. The 36th ended the war equipped with F-86 Sabres, flying bombing and strafing missions against enemy air fields. The 36th returned to Japan after the Korean War, operating out of Itazuke Air Base for the next 10 years.

During the Vietnam War, the 36th flew combat missions into Southeast Asia from Korat Royalfiends.gif Thai Air Force Base. 36th pilots flew F-105 Thunderchiefs, escorting rescue aircraft and suppressing anti-aircraft fire. The squadron was re-equipped with F-4 Phantom II fighters in December 1967 and stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan, with regular deployments toKunsan Air Base beginning in March 1971. The 36th moved to 36FS.jpgKunsan in May 1971, establishing a forward operating location at Osan Air Base. The squadron permanently moved to Osan and was assigned to the 51st Composite Wing (Tactical) in September 1974.

The 36th ushered in the era of the "Viper" on 10F-16fiends.jpg August 1988.  The squadron's combat capabilities were transformed in 1990 when the squadron converted to the Block 40 Low Altitude Navigational and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) F-16C/D. 36th_Fighter_Squadron.jpgThe addition of LANTIRN gave the Fiends the current ability to fly at low levels and deliver precision guided munitions during nighttime conditions. Upgrades to the Block 40 in recent years have included GBU-31 JDAM capability for all weather precision engagement.  




Editors Note:  I recently visited the US Cemetery at Normandy and discovered more Fiend History while I was there.  Quenton Roosevelt was killed in France during WW I while commanding the 36th Aero Squadron.  Quenton Roosevelt (L) is now buried at Normandy with his brother Theodore Roosevelt Jr (R)theo.jpg who died shortly after leading his troops ashore at Omaha Beach.  Quenton's remains where moved to the US cemetery at Normandy after the War where he was laid to rest next to his brother.

If you would like to see more on Fiend history, and Phantom history in particular visit the 36th TFS Web Site.

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Posted by Jolly on
From Mike:


My Uncle Raoul P. Mouton Jr. flew with the 36th FBS from Feb. 53' to 18 Jun. '53 where he perished in the crash of C-124 Globemaster in Tachikawa, Japan.

The guy who made this video is named Jimmy Escalle. His Uncle Jim Escalle was shot down and KIA the following day, 19 Jun. '53.

There are still about 20 36th pilots in the squadron photo that are still alive and I stay in almost daily touch with 7 of them. I forwarded your links to them on 36 FS gear. One gent, Bob Veazey is interested, I believe, in buying a ballcap. You should consider putting an F-86 on some of your 36th gear.

If you're interested in learning more about the 36th FBS, see:
Posted by Jolly on
From Rick Winters:

My father flew F-80's with the 36th in 1950 at Suwonand I f flew F-4E's with the Fiends in 1976-77 at Osan
Posted by Jolly on
Metz forwarded me the following link for the 36th TFS web site if you'd like to read more detailed Fiend History:
Posted by ftrpilot on
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