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RAAF Rules!

Posted by Jolly on March 1, 2012



I was fortunate enough to fly in few exercises down under.   My first was Pitch BlackRAAFMirage3.jpg 84 in Darwin with the Hooters.  I was lucky enough to get a ride in a RAAF Mirage III while I was there and got to see Mach 1.6 from the back seat (I think the front seat was going a little faster).  I remember when we got our outback survival briefing form the RAAF.  They issued 9mm pistols and then informed us to save one round for ourselves because if we ran across a salt-water croc most of the rounds would just bounce off their melons.  That was reassuring.

RAAF111.jpgI flew in another Pitch Black a few years later with the 67th.   More of the same great flying, great parties, and fantastic memories (or was that mamories, I can’t remember).  As luck would have it, when I showed up at PACAF HQ in the mid 90s, they needed some poor slob to run all the exercises in Australia.  Who was I to say no?  The Aussies were an absolute pleasure to fly with and be around.  I regularly went to the RAAF HQ just outside Sidney for planning meetings, and we actually did a little planning between tea breaks and happy hour.  The day would go something like this:

0900 Meet and greet

1000 Tea

1100 Plan the first half of the exercise

1130 Lunch in the Officers Mess (they actually treated you like an Officer)

1300 Plan the rest of the exercise

1430 Tea

1600 Happy Hour

We could learn a lot from the RAAF!  Seriously, I have the upmost respect for their Air Force.  They really understand the concept of working hard and playing hard.  RAAF18F.jpg You better bring your A game when you fly with these guys, because I guarantee they will.

Word to the wise, if you are singing fighter pilot songs in the Darwin Officers Mess Bar during happy hour, avoid verses with the "The Queen" and "Troop Ships."  I learned that the hard way as I was being booted out of the club on my ars.

In 2010 they retired the F-111s (known as the Pig) and replaced them with brand new F-18F Super Hornets.  Eventually the RAAF plan to incorporate the F-35 Lightning into the mix.   Although, that's been a bit controversial down under.


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Posted by Frankn on
Speaking of RAAF rules, remember the airspace and ROE briefing for Pitch Black?
Right mates! Elloww! Welcome downunda! We all know yourah ruules are more restricive so just use them and we'll be right. Airspace? We've got the whole bloody outback blocked off so if there's a little bloke flyin out theyah it's his fault right? And supersonic is ok where ever you're at...try not to boom the stations, if ya see em, which ya probly won't cause youre goin bloody fast, and no worries if ya do, cause most of them dont have phones out theyah anyway, right? Any more questions? Then VBs at the baah, bloody right!

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