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Satan's Angels

Posted by Jolly on February 17, 2008


by Dick Jonas

I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D,
All the way from the Hanoi Railroad Bridge to the DMZ.
I'm one of old Hoot Gibson's boys, and mean as I can be.
I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D.
There ain't a triple, a gunner up there
That's anywhere near my class.
'Cause I'm as mad as I can be
And I'm in for one more pass.
He hosed me down one time too much
And that one is his last,
And I looked back at where he was
Hey, man, ain't that a gas.

Hello, Hanoi Hannah,
Send your MIGs to meet their doom.
Flying 'em up and blast 'em off
Hoot's boys will be there soon.
I don't care if you are the gal
With a mouthful of silver spoons,
'Cause I've got sidewinders on board
That'll home on an AB plume.

433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Satan's Angels
Ubon, Thailand, Circa 1966


Top Row: Capts Benny Wallace, Chuck Kahl; Lts Gary Doty, Paul Moore
On Wing: Lt Mike Laughlin, Capts Bob Ashcraft, Cliff Tatum, Ken Keller, Gerry Rokes, X McCoy, Maj A.J. Myers, Capt Bob Hutton, Lt John Borling, Capt Don King, (above Joe Lee) Capt Bobby Kan
Standing: Capts Bobby Bones, X Peterson, Bill Hemby, Wg Staff Nav X, Lts Hal Sheads, Frank Ralston, Dick Barkstrom, Bear McGill, Joe Lee Burns, Jack Ozbolt, Maj L.D. Parriot, Capts Clyde ‘Suckfinger’ Young, Jack Walker, Maj Andy Anderson, Lt Bill Standifer, Capt X Andrews
Kneeling: Capts Jerry Weyland, Dave Connett, Lt Jim Cizek, Joe Moran, Capt Manny Maza, Lt Bob Simpson, Capt Frank Fischer, Lt John Spenser, LtCol Bob Crouch, Lts Steve Leisge, Charlie Cox, Capts Monte Crook, Roger Knopf, Lt P.C. Davis
            KIA - Geo. Mims, Frank Ralston & his front seater Don King 
      POW- Bob Jeffrey, Maj Myers, John Borling, Sam Johnson, Larry Chesley  

Aircraft Lost- (Four above) plus (5) Bobby Kan & Joe Moran, (6) the 2 guys (Jerry Rokes and Jesse Ozbolt out of control in Steel Tiger) who spun in avoiding a Blind Bat, (7)  Chuck Kahl  and Gary Doty (John Spencer's normal AC) off the end of runway in thunderstorm, (8)  Chuck Kahl  plus ??(2nd jet)
These became Fighter Weapons School Graduates:

      Jim Beatty, Joe Moran, Charlie Cox, Paul Moore, Bear McGill
      George Lippemeier, Joe Lee Burns, JB Spencer


Posted by GaryDoty on
Chuck Kahl was Gail Hall's AC not John Spencer's. Chuck and I crashed the morning of May 6, 1966.
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