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When Fighter Pilots Ruled the World

Posted by aaron on December 15, 2009

There was a time when fighter pilots flew where they wanted, when they wanted. Then envious, sniveling wannabes started whining about jet noise. Some of these people were all for national defense just as long as they weren't inconvenienced by those practicing for that defense. Others just flat out hate anything military and were more concerned about the rights of the speckled warbler or the multi-colored sphincter owl than the right of a fighter pilot to get realistic training. Ever so slowly these spiteful folks implemented rules and laws that impeded the ability of fighter pilots to fly where they needed to fly. Can't buzz your own home, can't fly under bridges, can't do a low level pass down main street, no sonic booms, can't zoom through the Grand Canyon. How do they expect fighter pilots to defend the country with our hands tied like this?
Well, back in the day it wasn't like that. Any airspace, anywhere, five feet above terra firma was fighter pilot domain. Here's a kickass video that proves just that. Not necessarily the greatest of quality but you'll get the idea. There's some ballsy, kickass flying here and low level opportunities that will probably never be seen again because of back packing, donkey riding, nick pickers, bitching about maybe getting knocked off a cliff. Please, the odds of that happening are well worth the risk, considering the valuable training that can be achieved. 
Wake up world!! We know you love fighter pilots. Make sure yours are happy and well trained. Remove the artificial shackles that have been imposed by a miniscule minority who are jealous of the freedom and autonomy that being a fighter pilot rightfully brings.
Enough of that. See what it used to be like, when fighter pilot ruled the world.

Thank you Sieg for sending us the video.

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