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Posted by aaron on September 22, 2009

Australia F/A-18A Brett Sommers

Australia F/A-18A Hornet
Photo by Brett Sommers

The reason that Fighter Pilot University exists is to further the international camaraderie of fighter pilots worldwide. No matter who; Indian v Pakistani, Chinese v Taiwanese, South Korean v North Korean, even US, British, French, Australian, German, Russian, just about everybody else v Iranian, fighter pilots have that one thing in common. They are fighter pilots.  

To become a fighter pilot is no easy task. Thousands fall by the wayside in an attempt to become one. So once you become a fighter pilot, you enter a fraternity of warriors, so unique, so daring, so courageous, that millions of everyday, earthbound folks idolize you and justifiably so.
Of course, like any alpha male, fighter pilots, when they meet, whether from the same or different services or countries, size each other up and both know that they are better than the other. But, there's still a unique bond.
With that said, it's kicksass when we receive an e-mail from some far corner of the world that shows, most certainly, the brotherhood continues, that the new embraces the old and the heart of fighter pilots beats strongly no matter where they are. Here's the body of an e-mail we got recently from down under. The F/A-18 is the front design, the wording, the back. Kickass!!

Attached is a T-Shirt my bro's and I designed for our F/A-18 OPCON down here in Australia that I thought you might appreciate. We graduated as Australia's newest fighter pilots in June this year.

I've got to give credit for the blurb on the back of the shirt to the 22nd TFS. I've had a book since I was a kid that I've always treasured called "USAFE - A Primer of Modern Air Combat in Europe". The first part of the book documents the 36th TFW at Bitburg during the 1980's, and one of the pictures in this section shows a wall mounted plaque with a very similar statement. I always found that statement be the penultimate expression of fighter pilot-ness, truly inspiring. Although I lost the book I remembered the approximate saying, my course mates loved it so we made it into a shirt for our end of course deployment.

The FU Store has your Hornet design.  It's got your Super Hornet design.  We've pushed both of those before and, with out a doubt,  we will again.  Here's a related design, our FU Super Hornet mascot.  Now admit it. That kicksass!!  Get it in the FU Store.

FU Super Hornet Mascot


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