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Posted by Jolly on August 17, 2014

I wanted to pass along all the reunion gouge from Mike for the Ramstien gathering in the Springs.  Mike said there was confusion on ordering shirts.   REMEMBER - CUSTOMIZE your shirt when you order by 1) clicking on customize, 2) Edit Text where it says "Callsign" on the sleeve, 3) put in your call sign on the sleeve and select place order.  if there is confusion or you want a particular product, email me at   Here are the links to t-shirts, hats, and embroiders polos in the store for the reunion:

417th TFS  -
512th TFS -
526th TFS -
53rd TFS -
Here's the latest update on the reunion from Mike:

Greetings Everyone!
Just wanted to provide you with a short update on the status of our reunion this coming September.  Everything highlighted in yellow is new information from my previous updates.
1.      First and foremost I wanted to thank everyone who has already registered for the reunion. As of today we have 151 folks signed up.  I’ve attached a list of all who have registered so far.  For those who may not have registered yet, but plan to attend, registration for the reunion will close on 13 September so that I can provide firm, final numbers for the various events.  Likewise, if you have to cancel your registration, I will provide a full refund up until the same date, 13 September.

2.      There are no significant changes to the location or schedule of events for the reunion (see below for details if you are getting this for the first time).  However, to answer some questions that have come up:

 a.       Some have asked what to wear for the various reunion events.  Frankly, no one is going to be tossed out of an event because of what they’re wearing (with the possible exception of wearing a flight suit with a Bitburg patch)   However, to reduce the stress about having a “fashion violation”, coat and tie is suggested for the banquet on Monday night so the ladies can dress up, and “business casual” (slacks and a collared shirt) for the German dinner on Sunday night. Otherwise, whatever you want to wear for all the other activities will be fine.

 b.      I haven’t finalized the menus for the dinners on Sunday and Monday night but you can anticipate having a choice between beef, chicken or fish.  However, if anyone has any specific diet constraints or restrictions, please let me know and I can arrange for you to have whatever meets your needs. (NOTE: A “lobster only” diet doesn’t count!)

 3.      As I hope you are already aware, all the rooms we had blocked at the Antler Hilton have now been reserved. 

 a.       If you still plan on coming to the reunion but have not yet reserved a hotel room, I have blocked an additional number of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express-Colorado Springs Central.  It’s a brand new hotel and is about half a mile from the Antlers.  The rooms are nice, the rate is about $10/nite less than the Antlers and includes breakfast.  However, it’s just not as convenient for the reunion activities.  The best way to make a reservation is to call the hotel at (719) 424-4300 and make your reservation under the group name: “Ramstein Fighter Squadrons”.  They’ll take your credit card number to reserve the room, but won’t charge you at this time.  Cancellation policy is that as long as you cancel 24 hours in advance you won’t be charged anything.

 b.      Finally, if you have already reserved room at the Antlers, and need to cancel that reservation for any reason, please contact me first so that I can offer someone now staying at the Holiday Inn the opportunity to take your room at the Antlers.  Otherwise, if you simply cancel the reservation through the hotel and I’m not aware of it, I can’t make the switch.  So, please be considerate if you do decide to cancel your reservation at the Antlers.

 4.      We currently have more than a dozen folks interested in playing golf on Monday morning, so we will definitely be having that event with room for more folks to join, if interested.  Dean Jones has graciously volunteered to run the golf outing for us and has made arrangements at the Air Force Academy golf course.  The cost to participate (green fees and cart) will be $75 for non-members and $45 for club members.   Clubs can be rented for $20 to $30 depending on quality.  Dean will need final numbers for the golf outing NLT 22 September, so if you haven’t already signed up and wish to participate, please let me know.

 5.      We currently have 45 folks signed up for the optional bus tour on Sunday to the World War II Aviation Museum, USAFA and the Garden of the Gods Park, so we still have room for 10 more folks on the bus.  It’s a great way to see the Colorado Springs area for folks who aren’t familiar with the area.  In addition, even if you are familiar with the area, but haven’t been to the WW II Aviation Museum, I recommend it highly.  If you would like to go there, but NOT participate in the rest of the tour, I can make those arrangements (normally they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, but will open for our group) but you will have to provide your own transportation.  Tickets just for the Museum are $10/person.  If you are interested, please drop me a note so I can make the arrangements for additional people.  

 6.      Just a few clarifications:

 a.       If you cannot attend all the events listed on the Registration Form, simply reduce your registration fee to pay only for the events you will attend.  Sorry, but the registration fee is non-negotiable.

 b.      You are welcome to bring guests to an individual event.  No registration fee needed for them, but payment for the individual event is required…naturally.


c.       If you are flying into Colorado Springs there is no need to rent a car unless you want to tour the area on your own.  You can take a taxi from the airport, and all reunion activities will be held within the hotel itself except for the Sunday night dinner and we will arrange to transport anyone who needs a ride for that event.

 d.      If you have made reservations at the Antlers and received a confirmation that indicated that you would be charged for parking, please just ignore it!  I have reconfirmed with the hotel that parking will be complimentary for everyone staying at the hotel for the reunion.

7.       Miscellaneous:

 a.       Please bring any memorabilia you may have from your tour at Ramstein so we can display it in the Hospitality Suite.

b.      We’ve completed building the video presentation for the banquet (it’s freakin’ awesome!) so we don’t need any additional pictures or videos.  Many thanks to all who sent me their photos. 

 c.       For those who may be interested, there are several special events taking place in Colorado Springs around the time of the reunion which may be of interest:

i.      Sunday 28 September is the final day of an exhibit of Dale Chihuly art works at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center which is located about half a mile from our hotel.  Honestly, I don’t know enough about “fine art” to say anything smart about it.  However, Chihuly is world famous, primarily for his glassworks, and it really is stunning.  I highly recommend the exhibit especially if you have never seen his artwork before. You can find more details at :

ii.      The Air Force Academy football team is playing Boise State at the Academy on Saturday starting at 5 PM.  Tickets run from $20 to $45 each.  Unfortunately, the game overlaps with our Saturday evening reception, but wanted everyone to be aware. 


For the benefit of those who may be receiving this update on the reunion for the first time, or those who may have misplaced/deleted the previous update, here is a summary of all you may want to know about the event.


 The cost of the event will be $160/person which includes the reception on Saturday night, the German dinner on Sunday night and the banquet on Monday evening, as well as a fully stocked (beer, wine and other non-alcoholic drinks) Hospitality Suite.  If you are interested in the optional sightseeing tour on Sunday, that would be an additional $50/person charge.  Should the cost of the reunion come in at less than what I am estimating, I will return any “profits” in excess of $5/person to each of you. Otherwise, it will go into the Reunion “kitty” to help the next guy plan and execute the 2016 event.   Finally, if you have to cancel your registration for any reason, I will fully refund your payment up until 13 September when I have to finalize numbers for the various events.  After that date, I will endeavor to return as much of your fee as I can, based on how the money works out after the Reunion is over.

Please make out your personal check for the cost of the event to me, and send your Registration Forms to:


Mike Inglewood 
2564 Indian Hills Grove
Colorado Springs, CO 80907






Who:  All Fighter Squadrons (53rd/417th/512th and 526th) stationed at Ramstein between 1952 and 1994

Where:  The Antlers Hilton Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO

When:  27 to 29 September 2014



Saturday 27 September: 

3:00 to 5:30 PM:  Registration Desk will open in the Hospitality Suite


5:30 to 7:30 PM:  Reception/cocktail party at hotel (Cash Bar with munchies/finger food).


Dinner at leisure in the downtown Colorado Springs area.  Groups are encouraged to make their own arrangements/reservations.

Sunday 28 September: 


10:00 AM to 4:00 PM:  Optional tour by bus of the local area (USAFA, Garden of the Gods, World War II Aviation Museum).  Box lunches will be provided.


6:00 to 9:00 PM:  German themed dinner at the Edelweiss Restaurant.
Monday 29 September:


All day is free for touring/shopping/golf. 


6:00 to 9:30 PM:  Cash Bar Cocktails and Banquet at the hotel.

The Reunion Hospitality Suite will be open and available at all times except when other Reunion events are in progress.  Beer, wine and non-alcoholic refreshments will be provided when the Hospitality Suite is open.


HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  Rooms at the Antlers-Hilton Hotel are all sold out.  See above for info on how to make reservations at the nearby Holiday Inn Express.



For additional info things to do in Colorado Springs, go to the web site at:


SWAG:  Other than nametags for everyone, there won’t be any significant Reunion “swag” given out, however if you are interested, I strongly recommend you visit the Fighter Pilot University website run by our own John (Jolly) Rogers at:

You can purchase all sorts of clothing and other items, customized almost any way you want.  Jolly has uploaded the patches for all our squadrons so you can order items customized by size, color, squadron, type aircraft, name/callsign, aeronautical rating, etc…etc…

VIDEO:  We are in the process of preparing a video for the Reunion Banquet (in lieu of a guest speaker).  I have received some pictures and videos from several of you, but would still like to have more.  Pictures from all squadrons and eras of folks at work or at play while you were stationed at Ramstein are especially welcome. Otherwise, be prepared for seeing a lot of F4 pictures/videos…


Finally, I have attached our most current rosters for the 526th (F4 and F16) eras.  Lots of new names and contact info have been added over the past six months, all highlighted in yellow.  As always, if you have any additional info or leads to help me track down folks, please pass that to me at your earliest convenience.  We want to contact as many folks as possible about the Reunion and have posted announcements about the reunion in Air Force Association magazine and the MOAA magazine
OK, that’s it for now.  I’ll continue to send updates on the reunion along with a list of those who have registered on a routine basis (sorta monthly). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, just drop me a note.  In the meantime, please make you hotel reservations, send me your Registration Form and e-mail any pictures you would like to see in the video!!!


Mike (Ingo) Ingelido

526TFS (1976-1979)


PS  For the POCs for the other squadrons/eras info’d on this e-mail please forward this information to your folks at your earliest convenience, and please “cc” me when you send it out.  Just want to be sure that this announcement gets out to everyone.


Here are two great videos showing Zulu Alert Scrambles during the 80's when the Cold War was in full swing.  Zulu Alert was for Air-to-Air scrambles to identify unknown aircraft in West Germany.  Most of the time it was unknown aircraft flying in or near the buffer zone on the east border of Germany.  I was stationed with the 526 TFS "Black Knights" in the 80's where we sat Zulu Alert.  We had to be airborne in less than 5 minutes from the horn going off in our alert facility.  We had a fire pole that went from the third floor to the first floor and the jets we would jump in, strap in, light the fires, receive/verify our scramble orders, take the high speed taxiway, and then blast off to intercept our target.  It was a real adrenaline rush.  We would go from watching a movie to breaking ground in less than 3.5 minutes.

The first video is from my old squadron, the 526 TFS, at Ramstein.  It shows a scramble in real time, and you can hear the lead WSO check in as "Lima Mike 01" when they get the scramble order.  The second video is from a news program done on Zulu Alert at Bitburg.  

Ramstein Zulu Scramble

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Bitburg Zulu Scramble

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Posted by TR01 on
You haven't lived until you've sat in the 24 RSU when LA01 and LA02 come rocking by. Great assignment.
Posted by KOCook on
Jolly when were you in the 526? I was there from '78 to '82.

BTW, the vid didn't load. I have an old VHS video about The Black Knights shot by 'Trapper' Goltz. There is some great footage. Need to get it digitized.
Posted by KOCook on
Vid is excerpt from Trapper's film. Start is the real thing, but we did not taxi by any Tab Vees on the way to the runway. Zulu was offset approx 45 degrees from the west end of 09. Just high speed taxi out and hit burners when you got pointed down the runway.

Could be that the fully loaded birds were being scrambled when we were at temporarily operating out of Zweibrücken while our runway was being repaired.
Posted by Jolly on

I was there for just a year in 1985. I concur on Zulu taxi, we had the high speed from the alert shack. Both F-4 squadrons I was in were Air Superiority Squadrons (497th and 526th). I left Ramstein in late 85 to get my radiator wings and ended up flying Eagles.

Posted by Hangman on
Hey guys just got the e-mail on my Kindle Fire so can 't play the vie but I was crewchief in 526 from 1972 to 1976 and pulled a ten month tour on Zulu barns. Spent abunch of sleepless nights. One minute everything is cool and the next second the blood is at Max pump. Don 't know how you guys could go from bed to Macy 1in four min. Thanks guys for the memories.
Posted by Hangman on
Hey guys just got the e-mail on my Kindle Fire so can 't play the vie but I was crewchief in 526 from 1972 to 1976 and pulled a ten month tour on Zulu barns. Spent abunch of sleepless nights. One minute everything is cool and the next second the blood is at Max pump. Don 't know how you guys could go from bed to Macy 1in four min. Thanks guys for the memories.
Posted by Ltfuzz on
Lots of memories. Didn't fly the Phantom much from a cocked position, but had three years of flying the Deuce (F-102 for you kiddies out there) for PACAF at Itazuke AB, Kyushu Japan. FIve minute MAX! Usually three minute from a dead sleep. Left arm through the 'chute harness, grab the throttle move it out board to start the compressed air spinner. Engine up to idle, all the shiny switches forward, stand the throttle up, get going.
Oh, and don't for get your zero lanyard off at 10K (hah, always did, 'til 20-25K or so. Scary now what could have happened). I forget how much time between the two jets, but whatever it was it usually gave us about three-five miles trail during the climb.
Posted by VD on
OK very coold videos and impressive capability, now lets hear the stories of the wipeouts on the run to the jet from the couch! I just missed having to sit SAC alert (yahoo!) but always wondered how many twisted ankles, knees or concussions resulted in those mad dashes to the aircraft?


Posted by Hangman on
OK VD. Here's one from the Crew chief side. I remember one 0330 launch where my new comrade in the barn next door was a recent new arrival from the very SAC house alert system you just mentioned. Now our doors to the house were sliding doors where as in SAC they have panic bar push handle type doors. Well, that night the Horn went off and we both jumped up and pulled on the cover-all and zipped up the boots and he made it to the door before I did.Of course this was his first launch in the new surroundings and he promptly broke one wrist and slammed his forehead into the metal door knocking himself out. Well, I sidestepped his lifeless body and launched my bird then helped our supervisor finish launching our fallen comrades bird. Needles to say his new handle became CRASH.
Posted by Jolly on
Mike, who is running the Ramstien reunion said there was confusion on where to find shirts, here are the links:

417th -

512th -

526th -

53rd -

They are all in the USAF retro store including the 417th patch. Let me know if you are still having trouble finding them or want a specific product added. REMEMBER TO CUSTOMIZE and edit text where is says "call sign on the sleeve to add your own cs.

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