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Best Burner Story

By Rowdy on March 21, 2008 in Alumni News

In the final days of the US Navy’s F-8 operations, neophyte fighter pilots were still getting Crusader assignments. Normally, when a young guy goes out for his very first sortie in a new fighter, there’ll be an instructor in the back seat, if a two-seat version even exists, or at the very least, be chased by an instructor in another jet.Read More >

Low Ranking Secretary of the Navy

By Rowdy on February 19, 2008 in Alumni News

Got this kickass story from Gunner John Lehman was the US Secretary of the Navy from 1981 to 1987. He was also in a rather unique position being an active Navy Reserve flier as a Bombadier-Navigator on the A-6 Intruder.Read More >

Satan's Angels

By Jolly on February 17, 2008 in Alumni News

  SON OF SATA'S ANGELS by Dick Jonas Chorus I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D, All the way from the Hanoi Railroad Bridge to the DMZ.Read More >

Shutter Bugs

By Rowdy on January 19, 2008 in Alumni News

A poetic response to a recent reunion.   Sent to us by Tony.The RF-4CAt the Holiday Inn by the river there so many to see, Of alone, unarmed and unafraid crews of the RF- 4C, From the Generals to Lieutenants those aviators bold, This reunion was a testimonial to survivors getting old.Read More >

Cleared to Lead and Kill MiGs

By Rowdy on January 17, 2008 in Alumni News

17 January 1993, 1Lt Craig "Trigger" Stevenson, was flying an F-16C with the 23rd Fighter Squadron from Spangdahlem AB, Germany.Read More >

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