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Posted by Jolly on September 4, 2007

Crud is a fast-paced game generally agreed to have originated in the Royal Canadian Air Force., and is reportedly popular with the United States Air Force. 

The game is played on a pool or snooker table (the latter is desired) using the cue ball (the shooter), and one object ball (most commonly a striped ball). Only the corner pockets on the smaller table are used, the side pockets are blocked, traditionally by rolls of toilet paper. On a full size snooker table side and corner pockets are used. 

Pool cues are not used, the shooter is thrown/rolled manually across the table surface only from the ends of the table. A game of Crud involves running around the table, in turn shooting the shooter at the object ball before it stops moving. It is a boisterous game, usually only played in a military officer’s club (the management of a public establishment would not normally condone contact sports and the apparent abuse of their equipment). There is plenty of strategy and gamesman ship and if the teams involved have more than a couple of players on each side it’s a good idea to include a referee. If a referee is used he stands on one side of the table by the middle pocket, players run around him ensuring not to bump him at anytime.

For a more challenging game, use normal size pool balls on a full size snooker table; bigger balls, smaller pockets.


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