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Posted by aaron on September 5, 2007


A dice game
A game of chance played with 3 dice with the intent of wining big bucks and doing great financial harm to your buddies. The player with the hammer establishes the pot (money). He can place any amount of money he chooses into the pot. Each player in turn can bet (cover) part or all of the pot. After the entire pot is covered or each player has bet, the hammer establishes the point by rolling the dice. The point he establishes is bet individually against each player. The point is the third die when a pair is rolled. For example, two, sixes and a one, establishes one as the point; two, threes and a six establishes six as the point. Each player takes his turn against the hammer’s established point. If a player beats the hammer’s point he takes his bet and winnings from the pot. If he loses, his money stays in the pot. The following rules apply:


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