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Dollar Bill Game

Posted by aaron on September 4, 2007

A game of chance played with the serial numbers of a U.S. one dollar bill. Promotes the consumption of stimulating beverages in a contest to see who buys his buddies a round. Form a circle of friends. The holder of the hammer draws a bill from his wallet. He then asks the person on his left or right to declare first two or last two. Once that’s announced the holder of the bill will look at the two numbers, first two or last two, of the dollar bill serial number and that becomes the object number. He then asks the person in the opposite direction on his right or left to guess a number between 0 and 99. When that person declares a number the bill holder will then state whether that number was high or low compared to the object number. The next person to guess picks a number that is closer to the object number. A bracket is established and each consecutive player must pick a number within the bracket. This is continued around until someone guesses the object number. He has lost but is given the honor of buying a round of drinks for his friends. 
If play continues around to the hammer and no one has picked the object number, the hammer MUST take the next closest number, from the last declared number, by one.
As in all fighter pilot games there is strategy involved. The hammer may adopt a strategy of tactical deception (lying!) If after selecting the object number the loser doubts the hammer, he may challenge. If the hammer is out of parameters (caught lying) the hammer buys the round and gives the bill to the challenger and retains the hammer for the next round. If the kill is validated, the loser BUYS DOUBLE!! The loser of a Dollar Bill game has the hammer for the next game whether that game is for the next round or even if that game happens days later.

1. Combat Rules must be declared prior to the start of hostilities. Violations to combat rules are additive, and play will continue to a logical conclusion.
2. First two or last two will be decided before the bill is pulled out.
3. The hammer has one look at the bill and places it face down on the table.
4. The hammer responds high or low only once for each guess. If he forgets, HE BUYS A ROUND!!
5.  If anyone asks what the bracket is: HE BUYS A ROUND!!. Play continues.
6.  Anyone who guesses outside the bracket: BUY A ROUND!! Play continues.
Comm out means; COMM OUT!! Use hand signals and Combat Rules!


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