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Posted by Jolly on February 26, 2010

FU Store Design - F-14 Tomcat

There's an athletic event that you can only play on an aircraft carrier. All navies around the world that have carriers get to play this game, unless you only have those little VTOL carriers. It's not a scheduled event. In fact, you never know when you'll suddenly be a participant. It's called Cable Snap. There's two phases to this game. One is at the front of the boat when your rapidly decelerating fighter suddenly lurches forward and heads for the drink. The second phase is everything behind that which lies in the way of a monstrously retracting cable.
Phase one is only for one or two players; the guys in the fighter. The object of this portion of the game is to not go under the water with the jet. Here you'll test your athletic, cat-like reflexes.  Win and you end up floating down to the sea or maybe even the deck. Lose and your day just went from sucking to shit.
The second phase of the game involves almost everyone else who's top side. If you're lucky enough to know that you're a participant in the game you'll have a chance to demonstrate your timing and jumping skills. Knowing you're a player is no guarantee that you'll win but it greatly improves your chances over the folks who don't know. The object here is simple, miss the cable. Win and you minimize the pain, lose and, let's just say, it's going to hurt.
To understand how to play Cable Snap, here's a demonstration video. Pay attention in case you ever get a chance to play.
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FU Store design - Super Hornet


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