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Fighter Pilots Love Movies

Posted by aaron on July 25, 2008

Like most people fighter pilots love a good movie.  When fighter pilots are deployed for extended periods, movies are often one of the few escapes from the daily grind.  Some of these deployed locations will have huge movie libraries that continue to grow asy previous squadrons leave behind their CD's.  There is one issue with movies though, everyone's seen a movie where they didn't like the ending.  Now there's an answer to that problem.  

It's called How It Should Have Ended. Their web site is OK but the concept is kickass funny.  It appears that they are somewhat associated with YouTube and once on the HISHE site it's easier to click on the YouTube icon on the left to get a listing of the movies they've worked over.  There's How Brave Heart Should Have Ended, How Texas Chainsaw Massacre Should Have Ended, How Men In Black Should Have Ended and much more.  Their site shows which movie they're working on now, which happens to be Terminator.

Since Superman is the closest thing in the fictional world that there is to a fighter pilot, we thought this video was the best one to show you here.  How Super Man Should Have Ended.

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