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Posted by aaron on September 25, 2007

One of our favorite web sites is for a number of reasons. Fighter pilots are very inquisitive people and most are students of history to one extent or another, especially when it comes to the history of warfare and the development of air combat. Here in the US, on cable/satellite TV, we’ve got the History Channel. It has all the kinds of programming that fighter pilots enjoy. One of the very best programs on the History Channel is Dogfights, an awesome computer generated animation of various air combat engagements that have occurred during and since World War I. 
Beyond their television programming, the History Channel has a great web site, In addition to all the history stuff, what we really like is the expanded information, under the Games button, based on Dogfights. That information includes a history of dogfighting, glossary of terms, Dogfights: The Game and much more. It’s also the place where you can purchase DVD’s of the series in case you don’t get the History Channel where ever you might be..
Of course, we’re sure this puts your view of fighter pilots in a whole new light. Not just the superior warrior and aviator most people are familiar with but also an eclectic, intelligent student of history.
If you don’t get the History Channel you’ll still enjoy their web site. Check it out,


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