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Posted by aaron on December 6, 2008

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Fighter pilots have to train their minds to stay sharp and alert even when things are dull and mundane. Often times a fighter pilot will find himself in situations that are down right boring; ocean crossings, orbiting in a kill box, sitting cockpit alert. Because of that fighter pilots are able to amuse themselves with simple things. They can chuckle for quite some time about a joke they heard months ago. They can occupy themselves for hours with thoughts of their own great achievements, and if not enough exist, they have the ability to embellish even ordinary daily accomplishments into hero level endeavors.

That is why this particular web site could easily fill a fighter pilots day. It’s genius. Click and take a look. Note that there really is a simple objective stated at the bottom of the screen.

I know it might be a few hours from now but when you're done, you're welcome back to wander around Fighter Pilot University.



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