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Posted by aaron on December 7, 2007

When we’re out and about we are continuously running into people that say, “Man, I wish I could get a ride in a fighter jet!” With out a lot of strings, that’s pretty tough to accomplish unless you’ve got the time for a year of pilot training, three months of fighter lead-in and another six months of full-up fighter training. Oh yeah, to do it in the US military, it’ll also cost you ten years of your life after initial pilot training. Pretty pricey, unless you’re not doing anything else..
Or you can go to Incredible Adventures. These guys can set you up with all kinds of amazing activities and if your dream is to fly in a jet fighter for once in your life or do it again, once last time, for you aged fighter pilots, they have an assortment of kickass opportunities. You can hop into a Czechoslovakian L-39 Albatros, one of the most popular jet fighter trainers in the world. They offer a sortie in the English Lightning, one of the way cool looking fighters with an over-under, two-engine configuration, that will take you to the very edge of space. At the opposite extreme you can get a screaming, low altitude ride in a British Buccaneer. If you want to step up big time, you can even strap on a Russian MiG-29.

English Electric Lightning
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So now you might be saying, “What’s the price tag?” Well, it’s a lot less than ten plus years of your life. Here at Fighter Pilot University we say you don’t have to be an aviator to be a fighter pilot. It’s an attitude, a confidence, a swagger. If that describes you but you still want to feel the G’s, the speed, to hurl your body at the earth and experience the environment where fighter pilots live, then no price is too high.


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