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Posted by Jolly on May 21, 2011

I met Gemp when I was at Oshkosh last month.  He's an FU Alumni and Viper Driver who is Pop's Leather representative outside Turkey.  The FU Faculty give Pop's two thumbs up and recommend everyone in our student body looking for quality leather products visit Pop's Leather!  Hey, they were our first Ad here on the new and improved FU.  Now, bring out the Gemp!

Gemp's words on Pop's Leather:

Pop's planned on a website 14 years ago during ONW for two reasons: they had constant requests from guys who wanted to buy things but weren't deployed to Incirlik and they knew ONW wouldn't last forever.  I was a second tour ONW F-16 guy trying to get my A-Word company their shipping business for their new website.  Eventually they decided they couldn't do justice to an interactive secure online store from Incirlik geared to a global market and I became their rep. From Mr. Pop (Yasar Acikgoz) who started in 1960 as an 18 year old with one piece of leather, his sons today run a family business with customers all over the world.  The Internet is a wonderful thing.  Pop's Leather provides coats for all types of DoD folks, holsters for thousands of troops deployed to the sandbox, coats for guys in every airline and is the provider for all coats for the pilots for several airlines including Virgin America, Evergreen Airlines, and USA Jet, to name a few.  Pop's also provides custom designed uniform flight jackets for many dozen corporate flight departments around the world including the FAA's executive flight department.  U.S. military guys are still Pop's largest customer group because of Incirlik's role as the region Tanker Task Force base and a way station for troops going in and out of the OIF\OEF theater. All the coats purchased online are custom made to measure and a customer's choice of options with an approximate 2 week delivery time worldwide and are 100% guaranteed. No other company does that. Guys who have Pop's Leather products will tell you there are no finer quality items and I am quite proud to be their rep.  The same quality products off the rack in standard sizes are twice as expensive.  At Oshkosh and Sun N Fun an average on once an hour we get a guy who has been to the store in Incirlik and now we get GA and airline guys doing the same thing. When they come by we don't have to talk to customers because they rave about the whole Pop's experience. FU is a perfect way for us to re-establish a link with all the Joes who deployed to the 'Lick and provide them with a way to get Pop's stuff.


Posted by Earthpig707 on
Is Pop's still open? I've managed to grow into a large A-2 now 30 yrs post-lik your and would love to upsize. Pop's is the only vendor I can trust to do it right.

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