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Where's the Doofer Book?

Posted by admin on June 24, 2008

What the hell happened to squadron doofer books?  In my first fighter squadron it was right on the ops desk, but that was in the early 80’s at the Gu.  By the time I got back to PACAF in the late 80’s, the doofer book was sequestered to the bar.  My first operational tour in ACC was not until the late 90’s, and by then the damn doofer book was in a secure area under lock and key.  The doofer book had fallen victim to the dreaded politically correct Air Force.  WTFO?


The doofer book has been an important part of any fighter squadron I’ve ever been in.  It was a place where even a second lieutenant could abuse the squadron commander for general buffoonery.  It’s a sacred book where funny stories are told, pilots poke fun at other pilots, and call signs are earned.  Most squadron doofer book ROE required you be a Mission Ready (MR) fighter pilot with a NSTCS (No Shit Tactical Call Sign) to make an entry.  All entries had to be dated and signed. 


Thanks to an FU Alumnus, Beak, we were recently turned on to a great web site that is a virtual doofer book on line.  It was designed by Spike, a Hog driver turned A-word pilot, and is located at  He built the sight to help old bros reconnect and he has put some really funny stuff on it.  In the tradition of the squadron doofer book, it’s a place where we can expose "blatant buffoonery, supreme idiocy and indefensible douchery all over the world."  It’s well worth your time to check out the site and start a profile and track down old squadron mates.  Hey with a word like “douchery” for a lead in, it’s got to kick ass!


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