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Air Force Blues comics poke fun at life in the US Air Force, fighter pilots a favorite target.

Dos Gringos
kickass new figher pilot songs and some old stuff too
Douchery is a kickass word!!  Just like the Doofer Book web site.

Eagle Country great site for Eagle and Strike Eagle enthusiasts

Italian Vipers Italian F-16 & Air Force stories (in English) and pictures

Dick Jonas fighter pilot songs from World War II to the present

  FUF4Society.jpgF-4 Phantom II Society

Your online resource for everything Strike Eagle.

Lezgo our Jagdstaffel 742 German bud.  Phantom to Eurofighter, pretty kickass!

FUMxAir2Air.jpg Kickass aviation essays and pix.

FU199FriPatch.jpgMytai Fighters, 199 FS, Hickam AFB, Hawaii

FUEject-_Saab_Rocket.jpgProject Get Out and Walk. Ejection History.

FURiverRat.jpgRiver Rats, an association of aerial combat veterans

The Sound Barrier (Schallmauer). Kickass Pilot Bar (Fliegerkneipe) in Rostock, Germany 

Spanish fighter pilots.
Vista, suerte y al toro

Our kickass friends, 321Tigers, at Lechfeld Air Base, Germany

FUVmfa-235_small.jpgVFMA-235 The Death Angels


We've had a lot of photographers help us create this web site by allowing us to use their pictures. Some of those photographers have their own, share or have pictures on other web sites. Here's a list of many of those photographers and the places where you can see more of their great work.

Brazilian A-1 (AMX)

Photo courtesy of Unknown

Mariuz Adamski
Diego Bigolin
Max Bryansky
Stefano Caporelli
Jonathan Derden
Karl Drage
Peter R Foster
Stuart Haigh
Colin Hunter
Dave O'Brien
Sergio de la Puente
Ken Sekhon
Sander Smit
Philip Steven
Michael van der Mee
Dr. Sean Wilson
Rogier Westerhuis
Kevin Whitehead
Andreas Zeitler
Ofer Zidon

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