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Adolphe Pegoud - FU Hero

Posted by aaron on November 15, 2008

Adolphe Pegoud

Adolphe Pegoud. The first fighter pilot ace was a Frenchman, Adolphe Pegoud. He was an extremely accomplished and famous aviator well before the years of World War I.Pegoud had already served in the French army for six years when he started flying in 1913. In September of that year, as a test pilot flying a Bleroit model XI monoplane, he accomplished what was believed to be the first loop of an airplane. Actually, a Russian had achieved that fete only the week prior, but his aerobatic accomplishment made Pegoud world famous. Pegoud became a much sought after flying instructor for many Europeans. He was also the first person to carry out a parachute jump from an airplane.

German Post Card Celebrating the Pegoud Loop

German post card celebrating Pegoud's loop.

Pegoud volunteered as an observation pilot for the French military flying service after the out break of the war. In February 1915, Pegoud, along with his gunner, shot down two enemy aircraft and forced another to land. At the time, forced landings were counted in kill totals even though it may not involve destruction of the enemy aircraft. In April, now flying a single-seat aircraft, Pegoud claimed his forth and fifth victories and in July a sixth.
In August 1915, at the age of 26, Pegoud was shot down and killed, coincidentally, by one of his German, pre-war flying students.

Adolphe Pegoud was a courageous pioneer of military aviation and a true hero of FU.




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