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John Meyer - FU Hero

Posted by Jolly on August 26, 2011

We were contacted by General Meyer's son, Mark, about considering his father as an addition to our hall of FU Hero's.  After reviewing his accomplishments, we agree that John C. Meyer is definitely the type of fighter pilot and warrior we want on our site.  He had over 39 kills in two Wars, and was the Commander of SAC later in his career.  We are proud to add General Meyer as our newest FU Hero.

Mark included his own narrative below on his Dad:

After several flying assignments as a pilot and commander, he was assigned to the Eighth Air Force in England. There he commanded the 487th Fighter Squadron and led it into combat during World War II. In November 1944 he was deputy Commander of the 352d Fighter Group and the fourth leading American Ace in Europe (37 1/2 aircraft destroyed in the air or on the ground). By the end of the war he had flown 200 combat missions with 462 combat flying hours.

 In 1948 General Meyer was selected as the Secretary of the Air Force's principal point of contact with the U.S. House of Representatives. General Meyer then returned to a tactical flying unit in August 1950 when he assumed command of the 4th Fighter Group at New Castle, Del. He took his F-86 Sabrejet group to Korea where it flew in the First United Nations Counteroffensive and Chinese Communist Forces Spring Offensive campaigns. He destroyed two communist Mig-15 aircraft, bringing his total of enemy aircraft destroyed to 39 1/2.


Posted by MushBrow on
Fond memories of General Meyer as his son, JC, was a member of my class at the Zoo. At that time he was CINC SAC and would drop by to see him. The Sq AOC and a whole entourage would try to trail him into JC's room and he'd shoo them away and told them to find something else to do, he was just there to talk with his boy. A very commanding presence and a real Hero! JC followed in his father's footsteps and is quite the Fighter Pilot himself.
Posted by jmuxen on
It is gentlemen, such as this, that have kept our nation free and still the best place to live in the entire world. Another one of my heroes is the famous Chuck Yeager, a real cut-up, but one of the best in the business. Jim Muxen, HM2,Omaha
Posted by Jolly on
This came in from Joseph R:

When your right your right. General Myer was an oustanding pilot,a great tactician, and more than ready for whatever duty he was called on to perform. He was more than just a hero.
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