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Pyotr Nesterov - FU Hero

Posted by Jolly on May 1, 2009

Pyotr Nesterov

Pyotr Nesterov was born in Russia in February 1887 and became the first man to use his aircraft to destroy an enemy plane. His father was a military academy instructor so his career was pretty much established at birth. In 1904 he entered one of the top artillery schools in Russian and went on to serve in an artillery brigade in Vladivostok. In 1909 he became consumed by aviation when he was assigned to work with an aircraft manufacturer. He would build his own glider and teach himself to fly it. Then in 1911 he entered a formal military flying school.
On 9 September 1913, flying a Nieuport IV monoplane near Kiev, Nesterov performed the very first loop every flown in an airplane. He was arrested and placed in confinement for endangering government property but once the world learned of his accomplishment and became internationally famous he was released and promoted.  He had become the first aerobatic pilot and stressed the value of this type of flying for military fliers. He developed new flying techniques and designed new types of planes.
Nesterov's monoplane rams Austrian AlbatrosVery early after the outbreak of World War I, 26 August 1914, when aircraft were still unarmed, Nesterov was flying a combat mission when he encountered an enemy, Austrian reconnaissance plane. Determined to confront and destroy his adversary Nesterov rammed is plane into the Austrian aircraft. Both planes were disabled and unable to fly and fell to the ground killing Nesterov the Austrian crew.
In spite of his death and possibly questionable tactics, Nesterov demonstrated the kind of courage and tenacity that is desired in fighter pilots the world over. Pyotr Nesterov is worthy of the status of FU hero.


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