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Robin Olds - FU Hero

Posted by Jolly on August 26, 2007


Brig General Robin Olds. In all seriousness, we were going to place General Olds as the first and most obvious hero before his recent passing. The fact that he has moved on to greener pastures only makes it more fitting. We would like to send out our condolences to his family. He will be missed by all.
Every fighter pilot knows about General Olds’s prowess in the air and his three time ace background in two different wars. Born on July 14th 1922, Gen Olds spent his life dedicated to the military and flying fighters to the detriment of many worthy adversaries unfortunate enough to cross his path. His stated opinion was that “if you are a fighter pilot, you have to be willing to take risks”. He lived that motto by shooting down 12 German planes and destroying 11.5 others on the ground during WW II. He planned and executed operation Bolo to draw out MiGs in southeast Asia and later shot down four MiGs in Vietnam officially making him a triple ace. Gen Olds wore an unauthorized mustache that showed his disdain for ridiculous regulations and inspired young fighter pilots with many similar acts of camaraderie. He was also the commandant at the Air Force Academy. These are obvious accomplishments that any fighter pilot in any era would love to measure up to. What makes Robin Olds the hero he is can be seen by the way he lived his life to the finish. He didn’t go looking for a sword to fall on but he didn’t put up with bullshit at any time either. He was a leader who put his mark on the people he led and the people who studied him in future generations. We are, as fighter pilots, better in many, many ways because of the leadership, attitude and mastery of flying possessed by Robin Olds. The ironic thing is, like all of the great leaders in our military past, he probably would be fired in today’s politically correct society of military politicians. For this the faculty of F.U. would like to thank Gen. Olds and state emphatically that the world is a much duller place without his presence and the military is a lesser organization without his input. God Speed to you sir and we hope the beer is cold and the gin dry in your new hooch. We all hope to have a thin one with you when we get there.

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