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Erich Hartmann

By Jolly on January 12, 2008 in FU Heroes

Erich Hartmann. 352 kills. Erich “Bubi” Hartmann is the undisputed ace of aces. During a two and a half year period, October 1942 to May 1945, he flew 1404 combat missions on Germany’s World War II eastern front.Read More >

George Bush

By Borg on December 30, 2007 in FU Heroes

George H.W. Bush was born on 12 June 1924 in Milton Mass. as the son of one Prescott Bush, an extremely wealthy and powerful business man in that era.Read More >

Bernie Fisher

By Rowdy on December 14, 2007 in FU Heroes

Bernard Fisher. A common thread among fighter pilot heroes is usually daring deeds done in the air. Bernie Fisher’s courage and dedication was demonstrated when he was willing to leave the relative safety of the sky to rescue a shot down squadron mate.Read More >

Joe Foss - FU Hero

By Jolly on December 1, 2007 in FU Heroes

Brigadier General Joseph Jacob “Joe” Foss’ illustrious life is the epitome of a great American. His life both as a civilian and as a military officer was exemplary to say the very least.Read More >

Douglas Bader

By Rowdy on November 12, 2007 in FU Heroes

Douglas Bader. No fighter pilot hero list can be complete without a discussion of one of the most colorful Royal Air Force pilots of World War II, Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader.Read More >

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