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70th Aniv Of Iwo Jima

Posted by Jolly on April 10, 2015


Jerry Yellin returns to Iwo Jima

By NICOLE HESTER-WILLIAMS Ledger staff writer | Apr 03, 2015

Social media might not be Fairfield resident Jerry Yellin’s forte, but the 91-year-old World War II veteran recently got a taste of what it can do.

Yellin, a former WWII fighter pilot who traveled back to Iwo Jima in March to commemorate the battle’s ...


Posted by ROBINARMOUR on
From : Robin Armour, Aviation Cadet Class 57-U
I wish he had mentioned his Aviation Cadet Class.
What a terrific story. I was about ten years too
late for the '51. My Dad flew P-38's, in the South
Pacific, and he always used to say he was too early
to have gotten into the kets that I flew.
Thanks for the site and the story.
Posted by robertoetting on
I always hoped I'd gain some perspective as I aged. Maybe if I make it to 91 I'll have some of the insight that Capt. Yellin displays. I hope he's not too disappointed in what we've done with his victory.
Posted by habu510 on
Awesome and a mind like a steel trap! Salute.

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