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Posted by Jolly on February 16, 2012

Well, everyone's got an opinion. Though I'm not really sure how you can add a fighter to a list like this that isn't even operational yet.  Just because it's a "5.0" generation fighter doesn't mean it warrants the position this video gives it.  Because if that's the case, the "7.0" generation, X-wing Battlestar Schinctlantica Starfighter II should be on the list.



Posted by NickScott on
In my mispent youth, I grew up when the Tornado was being chosen by the Brit Government of the `70s.
The other `option` was the Hornet (pictured here)`they` called it a sunny-day aeroplane, giving it not a much of a muchness. the Tornado is still trucking along in various places - it has not been completely disbanded yet. The yanks took the Harrier and called it the AV8? I forget the ank version - but we Brits have even let that go, recently dispanded in formation over the houses of Parliament formed certain words voicing the Harrier pilots disappointed with the withdrawel of the Harrier (mother of the AV8)

Here we are in the next century - and the Hornet is still hot, obviously the best or one of the best fighter jets in history for power, agility and precision. My rambling point? If we had had the Hornet in the first place, we would still be using it - it is a babe of an aeroplane who`s momma was an F16. you can do things with a hornet that you would be seriously pushed to do in a Tornado (like roll immediately after takeoff < 100` and go straight up to 10 thousand - from stop. You can do that in a Tornado if you make it go down hill a bit to pick up speed. the tornado was a pan European venture by Italy, the UK, Germany and others who contributed to this multi-role combat aircraft.(MRCA)

Give me the sunny-day F18 anyday.
Posted by NickScott on
I must say, that, as a Brit, the Raptor you Yanks have come up with is pretty complete! You can climb out, pick and pop a bogey - who is the other side of the horizon, and go back home for tea - without the bogey ever knowing you were . . not there. You can form a combination of strike profiles from a flight of Raptors, that the computor thinks is geometrically cool and effective. You can have multiple bogies head on (though why bother, you can get rid of them before it comes to this)and the system will arrange your attack profile of you and your wing men - prioritising which ship is going to launch whichever armament at which bogey, to ensure 100% success rate and nil damage to the guys on our team.
It will even program and alert you to the moment you ought to chaff or flare. hot shit, and, more besides - this is just the unclasified stuff.
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