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Posted by Jolly on October 30, 2007


This a public service entry.  At Fighter Pilot University we are well aware that at some point a fighter pilot is going to piss off somebody.  That pissed off person could end up being just about anyone.  We received this form letter that you can use quite easily to apologize in an official capacity about just about any of the typical things that fighter pilots do that seem to irritate other people.

Just cut, paste, print, place your check mark and sign and you're covered.  All very official looking and it will impress any one with your sincerity.  Everything forgiven in a snap.

                                Fighter Pilot University Dean of Apology Department

                           SQUADRON APOLOGY LETTER
FROM: Squadron Apology Officer
SUBJECT: Apology
The members of this squadron apologize for the following reasons:

                (X) SNAPS asking for votes to win bachelor of the planet award
                (  ) Golfing while intoxicated (GWI)
                (  ) Bowling while intoxicated (BWI)
                (  ) Walking while intoxicated (WWI)
                (  ) Singing while intoxicated (SWI)
                (  ) Singing the S & M Man and/or Blow Job song in The Bar
                (  ) For stealing your squadrons mascot
                (  ) Playing rodeo with the wing commanders wife at the club
                (  ) Getting noise complaints from the dining room on Friday night
                (  ) Missed dental appointment
                (  ) Not wearing a hat from our car to the club.
                (  ) Pissing off the security police for _________________ again!
                (  ) Giving shit to non-singing shoe clerks at the club
                (  ) Throwing glasses in the fireplace at The Bar
                (  ) Giving the O'Club manager a "swirly" for giving shit 
                      to fighter pilots
                (  ) To our wives for every Friday night
                (  ) To the hotel management for convention buffoonery
                (  ) For plagiarism in order to write fighter pilot songs
                (  ) Blanket apology (To be marked only when apologizing for 
                     squadron actions in advance for the next six month period.) 


                                                                        JOE SHIT, The Rag Man
              Squadron Apology Officer


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