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Bob Hoover Escape in Fw-190

Posted by Jolly on July 29, 2011

I recently returned from Oshkosh (trip report to follow) and had the privilege of hearing the legendary FU Hero Bob Hoover tell his story about escaping from Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Germany and stealing a Fw-190.  He was able to learn
something about the Fw-190, the airplane that put him in POW status, from another prisoner who had flown it as a test pilot in the States before the end of the War.  He came up with his plan to escape in the final months of the War when the guards were getting to be few in numbers.  He staged a fight for his escape with another prisoner and they found shelter in a German farmhouse where he acquired a gun to assist in his plan to steal a Fw-190 and fly to freedom.  Listen to the story in Bob's own words below, the guy is incredibly sharp for an 89 year old fighter pilot, test pilot, and FU legend.  In the video you will notice he's sitting between his old P-51 "Old Yeller" and the Shrike Commander he became so famous for performing aerobatics engine out.

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Posted by Jolly on
Got this comment from CW Irvine via e-mail:

Sir: As a retired USAF Jet Fighter Pilot I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr
Hoover many times in many different places. He is a friend of mine as was Jimmy
(Jim) Doolittle. I congradulate Mr Hoover. Long may he fly and give such joy to
all of those who are fortunate to watch his marvelous airmanship. Well Done Bob!
C W Irvine.
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