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F-5 Aggressors

Posted by Jolly on August 26, 2012



The F-5 served as a great Aggressor jet for over 30 years.  The Marines and Navy still use the F-5 as an Adversary jet, the Air Force moved from the F-5 to the F-16 in the 90s and more recently added the F-15.  The Navy used the F-5 and the A-4 as the primary aggressor aircraft in the 70s and 80s, and then added both the F-18 and F-16 to provide a fourth generation threat simulator. The F-5 was the original Aggressor back in the 70s because it closely resembled the MiG-21 in both size and performance.  Those little bastards were hard to see.  Here are a couple of good background videos on the Air Force and Navy/Marine Aggressor programs.  For all you old Gomers, check out our Aggressor collection we've added to the FU STORE.

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Posted by Jolly on
From Martini:

I thank you very much for thinking about me and the times I had flying the F 5,s. That was a great airplane . If it would have weighed 40,000 more pounds it would still be in the inventory. Tack care, Martini.
Posted by Jolly on
From Stambo:

some of the F-5s were purchased back from the Swiss-pretty beat up. The F-5E with the -21 engines did well, but short on fuel capacity and thrust available at altitude.
Stambo, USMC (ret)
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