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Posted by Jolly on December 28, 2007

Since the times when fighter pilots were able to start communicating with each other while airborne and others, both good and bad guys, were able to listen in, they have sought a means to keep their messages as short and covert as possible. Fighter pilots usually have a lot to say but, as mentioned, quite often, they don’t know who’s listening and sometimes, the bad guys are on your own side.
Brevity codes have been around since early warriors wanted to pass quick, encrypted messages. Falcon Codes, used mostly by US Navy aviators, were developed to pass a quick comment or opinion about a certain state of affairs. They were apparently first used in the sixties but as time moved on Falcon Codes were used less and less. Today, although rarely heard, they still provide a quick means to express your view concerning just about any developing situation.
0         F*CKKK!
00       Sh*t hot
000     If CAG saw that he'd sh*t
101     You've got to be sh*tting me
102     Get off my f*cking back
103     Beats the sh*t out of me
104     What the f*ck, over
105     Its so f*cking bad I can't believe it
106     I hate this f*cking place
107     This place sucks
108     F*ck you very much
109     That gd SOB
110     Beautiful. Just f*cking beautiful
111     Here comes another f*cking CAG ops brainstorm
112     Big f*cking deal
113     Let me talk to that SOB
114     Get your sh*t together
115     You bet your sweet ass
116     F*ck it
117     I love you so f*cking much I could sh*t
118     We eat this sh*t up
119     Adios mother f*cker
120     That's a no-no
121     F*ck it I got mine - FIIGMO
124     That god damn "O" club
126     You piss me off
136     If you ask for another low pass one more time you will not get launched for a f*cking week
137     You may not have any f*cking fuel
138     My f*cking bladder hurts
139     I have a f*cking prostate overpressure light
140     Comex mother f*cker
141     That f*cking CIC is dreaming again
142     The f*cking helos are all f*cked up again
143     It's the air boss' fault
144     Shut-up and fly the f*cking airplane
209     While you were gone the whole world turned to sh*t
221     F*ck you and the horse you rode in on
222     You may not like the f*cking CAG staff but the CAG staff likes f*cking you
223     Get your head out of your ass
224     You say "I don't know" one more time and I'm gonna shove a sonobouy up your ass
225     You must have sh*t for brains
226     Would you like a kick in the ass to help get you airborne?
227     What does it take to get a clearance out of this f*cking place?
228     Just fly the iron bus and leave the ASW to us
229     You're so f*cking stupid you're a menace to society
230     This bastard has more downing gripes than the USS Arizona
231     Comments and recommendations my ass
232     Just out of curiosity NAV, where the f*ck are we?
233     It's interval, as far as I'm circumcised
269     Excuse me sir, but you obviously have me confused with somebody who gives a sh*t
500     Those f*cking black shoe muther f*ckers
501     Those f*cking rear echelon muther f*ckers
600     Those f*cking ASW pukes
641     Hang it in your f*cking ear
700     F*cking grunts
728     If I hear "CV" concept one more time I'm gonna puke
750     That f*cker runs like a well oiled machine
775     Your old lady wears combat boots
800     I love this so much I can't sh*t
901     If it's such a good f*cking deal, send ________
902     If I called for sh*t you'd come sliding in on a shovel
1000   Cool it the Padre is here
3000   Hay for the horses, whiskey for my men and a plate of flies for my toad
3001   He's so light he's a menace to aviation
3002   He just had his f*cking tubes cut
3003   He hasn't had his lobotomy yet
3031   Not so f*cking fast




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