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Farewell Phantom

Posted by Jolly on July 3, 2013


I had this video and note forwarded to me about the Luftwaffe retiring the last F-4:

F-4 Phantom II | Farewell | Luftwaffe | German Air Force | 2013

Published on June 30, 2013

Today the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II was retired from service in the Luftwaffe [German Air Force].

After 40 years of service with 279,000 flight hours it is time to say goodbye to a legend, to one of the greatest fighter aircrafts ever made.

This video honors the best fighter aircraft of the Luftwaffe [German Air Force] after World War II.

Thank you McDonnell Douglas for an aircraft that served Germany with pride and honor.

Goodbye, Phantom...



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Posted by BridgeBurner on
Jolly can you tell me the name of the music for this F-4 video

bridge burner
Posted by Frankn on
So who's left that still flies the mighty rhino?
ROKAF, JASDF? Anybody else?
Posted by mikenaye on
Funny that I've been seeing people saying Farewell to the Phantom for quite awhile but I just saw a Phantom flying today....I see them every week flying at Ibaraki AB near Tokyo....They don't seem anxious to get rid of them. Of course, with legendary Japanese attention to detail regarding maintenance, I imagine these jets are in phabulous shape.
Posted by Migfarmer on
A wonderful thing how something so "ugly", in fact "Double Ugly", can be so beautiful!!!! Got almost 600 hours of pure awesome fun in the Rhino. Enjoyed every minute of it, from over Mach at a couple hundred feet to straight up at Zero airspeed and everything in between!!!!
To the Rhino...I raise my glass..."Him...Him...F#%$...Him!!!!!
Posted by arlo on
A few years ago, my oldest called me from the flightline down at Tyndall. "Hey dad, I'm standing next to a Q-F4 with your name on the canopy rail. It's next in line to get shot down." LOL! Funny and sad all at the same time.

I remember having a room mate butter bar WSO coming home after his first ride in a Phantom saying, "MAN, IT'S F**KING STAR WARS!!" Remember anything about that Jolly?
Posted by butch71 on
What to video? I tried to play it and no go.
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