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Fighter Pilot Slang G-J (US Navy Version)

Posted by rowdy on October 30, 2013

More kickass fighter pilot slang, courtesy of the US Navy.  
Today G-J.  Make sure you check out A-F.

US Navy F-14D Tomcat Djamald Devos

US Navy F-14D Tomcat

Photo by Djamald Devos

Gaff Off


Goes Away
What something does when you hit it with a missile.

Goon Up
Screw up.

Hamburger Helper
The bombardier-navigator (B/N) or radar intercept officer (RIO).

Hawk Circle
The orbiting stack of aircraft waiting to land on the carrier.

Hinge Head
Slang term for O-4s (LCDR). Legend has it that whenever a lieutenant makes lieutenant commander, he is given a lobotomy and half his brain is removed. A hinge is then installed so the brain half may be reinstalled later (or, in some cases, the other half is also removed).

Indian Night Noises
The ominous creaks, pops, and shudders of an aircraft in flight

Junior Officer Protective Association. The O-3s (lieutenants) and below in a unit that band together for mutual protection. Sometimes called JORC (Junior Officer Retaliation Corps).

Junior Officer Rest Period. What they do best.

US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet
Photo by Tom Osborne



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Posted by Allthatchaz on
Hinge Head...actually, the hinge is installed in the back of their necks...only able to to nod in the affirmative when being tasked by CO/XO...who then delegates the tasking to the first JO arcing about!
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