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Fighter Pilot Slang L-P (US Navy Version)

Posted by rowdy on November 4, 2013

Even more kickass fighter pilot slang.  This is the third of four.  
Today's list is L-P. Check out A-F and G-J.

USN F/A-18E Glenn Beasley

USN F/A-18E Super Hornet
Photo by Glenn Beasley

A jump-through-your-ass project, exercise, or drill. Something silly that needs to be done NOW!

Loud Handle
Lever or grip that fires ejection seat.

Martin-Baker Fan Club
If you eject, you’re a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker company, manufacturer of ejection seats). An official list of members is maintained.

Mother, or Mom
The boat on which you are deployed, and where you launched from.

An aviator who is an officer but not a pilot; pilots say it stands for “No Future Occupation”; also called the “Non-Flying Object” and “walk-n’-talkin’ navbag.” Sometimes referred to as DAP for “Double-Anchor Puke” (a reference to the crossed anchors on the NFO wings).


No Fear of Death.

Nylon Letdown
Ejection and subsequent parachute ride.

A landing made at twilight between the official time of sunset (or sunrise) and “real” darkness; it officially counts as a night landing, but is cheating; preferred type of “night” landing by 0-4’s and above.

An inept pilot.

Someone who flies a different kind of aircraft than you, as in fighter puke or attack puke. 

USN A-6E Intruder

USN A-6E Intruder
Photo by Inknown

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