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Fighter Pilot Slang R-Z (US Navy Version)

Posted by rowdy on November 11, 2013

The last of the kickass fighter pilot slang list.  R-Z today.  A-F, G-J and L-P can be seen on earlier entries.

USN F/A-18A Hornet Agustin Anaya

US Marine F/A-18A Hornet
Photo by Agustin Anaya

A RIO (a reference to Luke Skywalker’s robot backseater in the Star Wars movies).

Nickname for the A-4 Skyhawk.

Short for “blackshoes,” a derogatory term for nonflying personnel; aviators wear brown shoes.

Spank or Shpank

What one does to a lesser opponent in a dogfight.

Tits Machine
A good, righteous airplane. Current airplanes need not apply, this is a nostalgic term referring to birds gone by. By all accounts the F-8 Crusader was a tits machine.

Up on the Governor

When someone is about to have a tantrum (term comes from the device that keeps the engine from overspeeding

Varsity Play for the Deck
A skillful landing attempt.

Vulture’s Row
A viewing gallery on an aircraft carrier’s island where you can watch flight operations.

Technically a half-hour after midnight, but commonly used to describe any event that is scheduled to take place after midnight and before sunrise.

USN A-4E Skyhawk

USN A-4E Skyhawk
Photo by Unknown


Posted by WilliamThornton on
Gentlemen - FYI: your opening photo above of an F/A-18 Hornet is erroneously
credited as a Navy asset. If you'll notice the markings on the fuselage
(VMFA-141); that's a Marine Hornet.

Nothing changes. There's always that 10% that never get the Word.

El Coronel
Posted by StuM on
couple of additions to Navy vocabulary:
"2-Block" To break anything beyond repair
Comes from A/C landing fast and heavy on carrier, sending arresting gear piston through cylinder housing and 2 10x10 wooden blocks between cylinder and bulkhead.

"screw (oneself) into the overhead". Overhead is "ceiling" in shipboard spaces.

"Spun up" self explanatory.

Stu the Baghwan
Posted by rowdy on
Got this from Hawk:
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