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Fighter Pilots, Weapons of State.

Posted by aaron on March 1, 2010

Almost thirty years ago, eight fighter pilots flew a mission that drastically changed the direction of history. That mission reverberated around the world. Amazingly, today, given the state of international affairs, that mission has become even more significant and could very well be an indicator of events yet to come. Should a similar undertaking become necessary, the ramifications will far exceed those that circled the globe close to three decades ago. 
The video below is a historical examination of this mission which occurred in 1981.  At Fighter Pilot University, we say "Fighter Pilots Make History." This video is just another example of that. It's also an example of history that may yet be written. 
When negotiations fail or are unacceptable, when clandestine operations aren't an option, fighter pilots often become a nation's weapon of choice.

Better grab a couple beers.  This video is around 44 minutes long.

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