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I Am Beyond You

Posted by Jolly on September 5, 2007


I am not above you; I am beyond you

You do not understand me

And you may well fear me.

But you will call upon me

To fight the war that you cannot.


I am your worst nightmare

And your best hope

I am the edge of the sword.


I am the world you cannot attain

The perpetuation and annihilation

Of all that you hold dear

I am the embodiment of all that you admire and despise.


I am honor and tradition, amoral and profane

I am the highest rung on the ladder of your evolution

And I am the living symbol of your degeneration.


I am the god of war, my armor is titanium

My voice is the thunder on the edge of sound

My movements are swift and beyond your comprehension.


My touch is cold

My love destruction

My life is measured by the

Sweep of the second hand


I am a Fighter Pilot

And I do not fear oblivion

Because hell, for me, 
Is w
hat you are walking

Through right now.



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