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Posted by Jolly on February 27, 2013

A fighter pilot is noted for intelligence, independence, integrity, courage, and patriotism. "Fighter Pilot" is a state of mind, not a job title. Therefore, not all people who fly fighters are fighter pilots, nor do all fighter pilots fly fighters, some of them drive trucks. 

Romanian MiG-21MF Lancer-C
Photo by Antoni M

The first time I ever saw a jet, I shot it down.

                                                                               General Chuck Yeager, USAF

We train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won't allow them to write "f*ck" on their airplanes because? It's obscene!
                                                      Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, "Apocalypse Now", 1979

The average fighter pilot, despite the sometimes swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such feelings as love, affection, intimacy and caring.  These feelings just don't involvle anybody else.


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Posted by ashish on
what is difference between god and fighter pilot?
god doesn't think he is fighter pilot after two drinks
Posted by butch71 on
Good point
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