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Kickass Quotes 10

Posted by Jolly on August 2, 2013

USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Rob Tabor
USAF F-15E Strike Eagle
Photo by Rob Tabor

The RAF seemed to have a different social feeling from the other services….What was significant was the character of a man who wanted to fly fighter planes. He needed to be competitive and scornful, eager for a chance to prove himself; he needed also a rarer combination of qualities: he had both to be young and alert, yet attach no great importance to his life. This was the requirement that came before patriotism, political belief or even skill in flying…It meant only that they had to have, at heart, some indifference to dying. 

The Fatal Englishman by Sebastian Faulks
I feel the average fighter pilot was a bit of a hell-raiser.
Flight-Lieutenant Charles M. “Ack” Lawson, No. 165 Squadron, RAF
The secret ingredient in Red Bull is sweat from a fighter pilot's ass crack, which explains the drinks peculiar taste, and its ability to "give you wings".
Fighter Pilot - Uncyclopedia

German Tornado IDS Rob Tabor

German Tornado IDS
Photo by Rob Tabor


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F-15E Strike Eagle Design

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eurofighter.jpg  asscrack.jpg


beer1.jpg  F15e2.jpg

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