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Kickass Quotes 11

Posted by Jolly on August 14, 2013

 MiG-29UB Poland Piotr Zdunek
Poland MiG-29UB
Photo by Piotr Zdunek



Fighter Pilot's Toast:
Here's to gun powder and pussy.
We live for one--die by the other
but love the smell of both.
There is a peculiar gratification on receiving congratulations from one's squadron for a victory in the air. It is worth more to a pilot than the applause of the whole outside world. It means that one has won the confidence of men who share the misgivings, the aspirations, the trials and the dangers of aeroplane fighting.
Captain Edward V. 'Eddie' Rickenbacker

Fighter pilots each have their own "Verizon network" consisting entirely of bikini clad beer girls with loose morals. Can you beer me now? Good.

Fighter Pilot - Uncyclopedia


EF-2000T Germany Nicolas LaRoudia
German EF-2000T Typhoon
Photo by Nicolas LaRoudie*


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Posted by StuM on
Actually, the "gunpowder and pussy" quote is a derivative of the "Toast to St. Barbera" the patron Saint of Artillery.

Stu the Baghwan
Posted by arlo on
Jolly my man, you're slipping up. Remember when we were hoofin' it through the hills around Spokane escaping from the PDR? We got into a fist fight over who wrote "Ode to a Grecian Urn." You cared about literary attribution back then my friend. These days it just looks like you're phoning it in. I'm simultaneously flummoxed, perplexed, bewildered, gobsmacked, terrified, petrified, homogenized and deeply saddened by your cavalier quotation standards here. Luckily I keep a jar of smelling salts for just such occasions.

:cheers: BWAA!!
Posted by StuM on
Well, if we are going to be pedantic about it, it's "Ode ON a Grecian Urn" by John Keats

the Baghwan
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