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Kickass Quotes 12

Posted by rowdy on August 21, 2013

MiG-35 Russia Denis Lyaskovdkiy
Russia MiG-35
Photo by Denis Lyaskovdkiy

I realized in that moment just how lucky a fighter pilot is. He has none of the personalized emotions of the soldier….He does not even have to share the dangerous emotions of the bomber pilot who night after night must experience that childhood longing for smashing things. The fighter pilot’s emotions are those of the duelist—cool, precise, impersonal. He is privileged to kill well. For if one must either kill or be killed, as now one must, it should, I feel, be done with dignity. Death should be given the setting it deserves; it should never be a pettiness; and for the fighter pilot it never can be.
The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary

I prefer to fly alone... when alone, I perform those little coups of audacity which amuse me...

Rene Fonck

Top French WW I ace


Fighter pilots are absolutely irresistible to women, who will drop their panties if a fighter pilot so much as enters the room.

Fighter Pilot - Uncyclopedia

US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet Wolodymir Nelowkin
US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet
Photo by Wolodymir Nelowkin

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