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Kickass Quotes 2

Posted by Jolly on May 5, 2013

USA F-16DJ Fighting Falcon
Photo by Ian Heald

Beware the lessons of a fighter pilot who would rather fly a slide rule than kick your ass!
Commander Ron 'Mugs' McKeown, USN,
U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School
Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Those that can’t teach, evaluate. (Borg happens to be a stan/eval guy.)*
A mile of road will take you a mile, a mile of runway will take you anywhere. (Hopefully someplace where you can shoot down enemy planes and blow up enemy buildings.)*
It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed.
U.S. Air Force Manual

*FU Staff Comments

Russian Su-30MK
Photo by Fyodor Borisov



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Posted by ksvanwickler on
Guys,I missed 'Quotes 1', but may I suggest:

“When actually firing at an enemy aircraft, you are most vulnerable to attack. When you break away from an attack, always break with a violent skid just as though you were being fired at from behind… because you probably are!” Reade Tilley

Posted by DuckPerry on
My personal 'kick ass' quote that I made up myself:

"Never fly with a (fighter or any other) pilot that likes to say: "WATCH THIS"!!!
Posted by NickScott on
Always fly with somebody who has no f---g idea, that way - at least you `know` who is in charge.
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