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Kickass Quotes 3

Posted by Jolly on May 14, 2013

USA Marine F/A-18C Hornet
Photo by Jason Hyatt

When a fighter pilot walked into a pub or a hotel bar, he let those inside know who he was by having the top button of his tunic unbuttoned. That was his trademark; it signified that he was an aerial warrior and that he flew fighters. He was, of course, immediately spotted by the opposite sex, young and old, and was instantly admired.

Colonel Steve Pisanos, 4th Fighter Group, 8 USAAF

“I should of course join the Air Force. In the first place,” I said, “I shall get paid and have good food. Secondly, I have none of your sentiments about killing, much as I admire them. In a fighter plane, I believe, we have found a way to return to war as it ought to be, war which is individual combat between two people, in which one either kills or is killed. It’s exciting, it’s individual and it’s disinterested. I shan’t be sitting behind a long range gun working out how to kill people sixty miles away, I shan’t get maimed: either I shall get killed or I shall get a few pleasant putty medals and enjoy being stared at in a night club.”
The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary

Some of your questions about fighter pilots have a bearing on the people I have met in my civilian life and in general I believe I liked the fighter pilots I met a lot better than many of the civilians.
Colonel Walker M. Mahurin, 56th Fighter Group, 8 USAAF

Australia F-111C Aardvark
Photo by Alex McCreath


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