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Kickass Quotes 7

Posted by Jolly on July 7, 2013

Argentina A-4R Skyhawk Chris Lofting
Argentina A-4R Skyhawk
Photo by Chris Lofting

A fighter pilot is all balls and no forehead. If he thinks at all, he thinks that he is immortal; God’s gift to women and his airplane. On a mission, he is too damned busy to be frightened because he is alone and has to do it all…at all times he has to know where he is on the chart, set his armament switch for the occasion, scan his instruments and the entire sky constantly, cover his leader’s six o’clock, fly his aircraft, and at some crucial time try to relieve himself. Finding your pecker when it is minus 60 degrees is all but impossible. Then, of course, he must shoot down the enemy, strafe the airfield, train or any other targets of opportunity, etc. When the fighter pilot returns to base, that’s when the bullshit starts. Yes, they were cavalier because a fighter pilot who thought about dying usually did die.

Colonel John Cunnick, 55th Fighter Group, USAAF

“Fighting in the war does not know mercy. In case I don’t kill the enemy, he will kill me. Fortunately, a fighter pilot never becomes a subject of bad conscience. He just defends his life, the lives of his comrades and justice against cruel tyranny.”
Generalmajor Frantisek Faajtl, No. 313 (Czech) Squadron, RAF

Mark Twain said, “Courage is the mastery of fear, resistance to fear, not the absence of fear.” At times the nearness of death brings an inexplicable exhilaration which starts the adrenaline flowing and results in instant action. The plan becomes an integral part of the pilot’s body, it is strapped to his butt, and they become a single fighting machine.

Double Nickel—Double Trouble by R.M. Littlefield

Japan F-2A Katsunori Kimura
Japan F-2A
Photo by Katsunori Kimura


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Posted by wiener on
WOW! A credible aviation website has finally given our beloved Scooter a front row seat (albeit a "recent" version of the A-4's that were flown by the US Marines, Kuwaiti Air Force and Israeli Air Force). Still over 100 flying in service to other nations (primarily Israel, Argentina and Brazil), at ATSI in AZ or on the airshow circuit. Skyhawks Forever.
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